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●Tafor-Leather Chemical products
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●Tafor - Uppers chemicals
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●Longfly - Dye Product
Metal Complex Dyes and Intermediates
●Kemese - Industrial and furniture paint products
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  Suzhou Tafor Industry Co., Ltd. was founded in 1998, is a set of Chemical Science, Industry and Trade. Company is manufacturer domestic supplier and export-import company. Company is mainly involved in Organic Chemistry and producing Organic Metal Complex Dyes, Intermediates, Solvent Soluble and Water Soluble coatings, Industrial Paints and Leather finishing Chemicals. Company has well experienced administrative staff and sales team of more than 100 people, including more than 10 senior developers,the company has been consistently In the production of Organic Metal Complex Dyes, Organic Intermediates chemical products, research and research and development. The Company is developing its production and quality With best cooperation from European Technical professionals. The company to maintain close technical cooperation, is willing to high-quality, innovative products to serve customers.

Suzhou Tafor Industry Co., Ltd. presenting its TAFOR, LONGFLY, and KEMESE brands in Chinese Domestic Market, Company have initiated in to entering an International Market. Company have wide sales network and have sales offices in various cities of China. We mainly producing and developing best quality products in to Leather Chemicals, Metal Coatings, Wood Coatings (Solvent Soluble & Water Soluble Coatings)Products, Organic Dyestuff, Organic Intermediates,Industrial Paints categories. Since beginning of company's manufacturing journey of various Industrial chemical products, Comapny have been adhered to focusing on new innovation toward to improve its all existing prdoucts with save environment policy.

Suzhou Tafor Industry Co., Ltd is focusing more at Metal Complex Solvent Dyes, Dyestuff intermediate production and its sales growth internationally. Since many years company have been enjoying Chinese Organic Chemicals Market reputation. Company strongly believe in great support of well experienced staff and professionals for its success and company is also taking care of its working force and Environment.

To Achieve and enjoying an international market reputation, Suzhou Tafor Industry Co., Ltd. have establish goal with more focus on Dyestuff and Dyestuff Intermediates. We are wishing. As a reliable and quality committed manufacaturer supplier serves our best competitive and super quality prdoucts to the international market.

Suzhou Tafor Industry Co., Ltd have strong policy to grow together with each others' co-operation.
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